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explore the exciting and unique tours europe has to offer

There is so much to explore throughout this diverse continent. Traversing about unfettered by schedules often times leads to amazing adventures. But don’t discount the value of incorporating a tour or two into your itinerary. 

Below we highlight some of our favorite European tours that we’ve either personally taken or shared by our community. 


England has a wealth of history to explore from the aristocratic grandeur of London to the iconic countryside captured for posterity in countless movies. 


London Pass

The London Pass offers discounts on a host of tours & excursions. Consider this resource as a guide and savings tool.
Bath, Lacock & Stonehendge
In addition to checking a UNESCO site off your list, the picturesque towns of Bath & Lacock are equally as inspiring.

Buckingham Palace

Whether you are into the latest goings on with the Royal family or not, a peak into their humble abode is worth the time.


Paris is well-known for its cuisine, artistry and romance. Consider a guided walking tour through one of the most famous museums in the world or a luxurious 5 course meal while floating down the city’s main river.



A 2 hour, guided walking tour will help the most iconic pieces of art come to life.
Lunch Cruise on Seine River
One of the most beautiful and relaxing ways to enjoy French cuisine while experiencing Paris from a unique view.


Brussels may be smaller than other major cities, but is packed with fun and tasty experiences waiting for you to enjoy. If chocolate is one of your pleasures (or vices), a walking tour is tailor made for you. 


Chocolate Tour

What can be better than trying some of the best chocolates in the world, learning to make your own delicacies and walking off the calories all at the same time.


Amsterdam is well-known as the heartbeat of the Netherlands with its modernism, art and risque Red Light District. 

Although for adult tastes, the city’s iconic beer museum offers plenty of fun for the children. And a journey just 40 minutes outside of town is well worth the day trip. 


Heineken Experience
Take a highly interative and engaging tour learning how Heineken became a global household name

Alkmaar Boat Tour

While only an hour tour through the canals of this cute town, it is a harrowing experience you shouldn't miss
Visit Brussels
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